A First Taste of Bitachon Boot Camp

Teach your heart to trust what your mind already knows.

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Do you find pain and suffering overwhelming?

Why doesn’t your belief in Hashem bring you inner peace?

Bitachon can be learned

What you will get from this introductory mini-workshop

  • Walk away with an effective tool for internalizing Hashem's love in your life.
  • Expect increased joy, calm and well-being as reliance becomes natural and intuitive.
  • Meet other like-minded individuals and grow in bitachon together.
  • Receive a 15% coupon for the acclaimed, full Bitachon Boot Camp seminar starting next!

Bitachon Boot Camp is effective yet doable.

Kicking off live on Sunday, Dec. 13 (Third light of Chanukah).
9:00 PM Israel time - 2:00 PM NY time

Can't make it to the live session? No problem.

Catch the replay at your convenience


Your Instructor

Rabbi Efraim Stauber
Rabbi Efraim Stauber

Rabbi Efraim Stauber is an acclaimed lecturer and Torah educator who’s energetic and down-to-earth style thoroughly engages his audiences. Best known for transforming esoteric Torah ideals into practical and accessible achievements, his online classes and seminars have helped hundreds grow in topics such as emuna, relationships, Shabbos Kodesh and teshuva. Explore his classes at eKehilla.com, designed for busy Yidden seeking a meaningful Judaism. He lives in Givat Ze'ev with his wife and children, and maintains a private counseling practice.

"While I didn't know what to expect when I first signed up, I'm so glad I did! Rabbi Stauber's seminars walk you through a series of exercises that increase your visceral experience with each successive week. My bitachon was no longer just an intellectual idea - it became real! Something that I actually have in my experience to tap into on a daily basis. His seminars has positively touched all areas of my life, from Shalom Bayis to eating breakfast to davening."

- Mrs. Chani Silver. Mother and Grandmother, Instructional Designer. Pittsburgh, PA.

Rabbi Stauber's seminars are probably the best investment you will ever make. He gives you simple, concrete, no pain tools and exercises to bring you to high levels of relationship with Hashem. His methods are easy to learn and create real change very quickly! Rabbi Stauber's special personality and style make each class of the seminar engaging , pleasant, and a pleasure to grow from.

- R' Yehuda Kramer. Beitar Israel.

"It has been an honor and a privilege to participate in Rabbi Stauber's bbc series. Each class had been true to it's promise of practical how-to in personal growth and connection to Hashem! I've been working on "knowing Hashem in all my ways" (as it says: bichol dirachecha "Da'ehu" ) for quite a few years now B'Ezras Hashem. With bbc I've been able to bring it to a new level Chasdei Hashem!"

- Mrs. Shaindy Krausz. Recovery Consultant, Founder of DE'AH. Brooklyn. NY

Connect to the light of Chanukah with bitachon!


Bitachon Boot Camp happens once a year as a Chanukah avoda.

Join me and let's grab the opportunity whiles it's live!


The current session is women only.

Stay tuned for future men's sessions. To be informed ahead of time, send an email to [email protected].


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't make it to the live session?
Busy? I thought so! The session will be recorded and posted for viewing at your convenience.
How long do I have access to the course?
Your $10 gives you access to the mini-workshop for a month. So you have plenty of time to master the tool for integrating Hashem's love in to your life.
How can there be a course to learn bitachon if there is so many opinions of what bitachon even means?
Bitachon Boot Camp is relevant according to all opinions about the definition of Bitachon!
I bought this course last year. I loved it and wanna do it again! Do I need to pay the full price?
No! Once you buy the full course, you retain access for life :) Not only that but for only $50 you can gain access to future runs of the seminar. This means that alumni can join the live Zoom classes and participate in the coaching sessions of current seminars for a fraction of the full price.
Rabbi Stauber's seminars are unique- you're not just listening to a speaker, you are learning all-encompassing tools that consist of ancient Torah sources passed down with proper hashgachah and mesorah, combined with modern, research-backed, breakthrough psychological techniques. Rabbi Stauber's clear, well thought-out classes explain and explore topics that are not often analyzed in the modern day school system, clarifying questions you didn't even know you had and painting the world a breathtaking, crystal-clear reality. The clarity of his classes unite with the Torah + Psychology power tools not found anywhere else, resulting in a fully immersive experience that touches every aspect of the spiritual, emotional, mental, and psychological soul. There is nothing that compares to experiencing truth in its rawest form; to miss this experience is to miss living life itself.- Rena Zoldan, Yerushalayim.

This course is closed for enrollment.