eYeshiva Torah seminars are founded on the principle that with the right guidance and support we can succeed at our spiritual goals and achieve the pleasure of Kirvas Elokim.

Why do we struggle, yet fail time and again to achieve the greatness we seek?

Too often, often we get lost in the details of observance and fail to grasp the Torah's system for growth and change.

Our mission is to help you unlock the power of your Torah learning so that you understand how it all fits together allowing you to experience the satisfaction of success as you feel the pleasure of kirvas Elokim through shabbos, emunah, teshuva and personal relationships.

eYeshiva seminars are for you if you ever wanted to:

  • Integrate your Torah knowledge into a comprehensive system.
  • Get practical to achieve real personal change.
  • Realize your dreams of connection to Hashem and meaningful Judaism
  • Discover how to experience shabbos kodesh a day of intense Paradise-like (olam haba) pleasure.
  • Learn a system of sustainable teshuva.
  • Dive into the ultimate journey of bitachon and inner peace.

Dare to Love Hashem!

A school for people courageously seeking a meaningful Judaism

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